Blue Boy for adoption

Update 28/10/12: Blue boy has found loving adoptive parents, sadly there are no clones available at present!

Gorgeous boy approximately 12-14 weeks abandoned by bins this stunning kitten is a Russian blue type.
Perfect coat colors & features, affectionate, litter trained, sociable but still a little bewildered by it all he needs gentle handling but is very intelligent & wants to explore.

Athens sterilisation program

The Animal Action and innovative, British natural cosmetics company Lush subsidizes neutering stray cats in Athens.
The sterilization program will be held throughout the month of October and will be a targeted effort to reduce the large stray cat population in Athens. Sterilization is the only humane and scientifically proven method of stray management. One has only to think of an entire or undesexed, stray cat can arise over 5,000 kittens in 5 years! The neutering of stray animals in Greece either by mobile veterinary team either via partner veterinary clinics is a key action for Animal Action. Only then will we achieve the desired result of reducing the large number of strays living in the streets of Greece.

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