What we are doing for the stray animals of Apokoronas

Niki Niolaki, Deputy Mayor, Municipality of Apokoronas

The Municipality of Apokoronas obeys faithfully the legislative ordinances of stray animals’ well-being and protection, as piece of our culture’s evidence.  After my assumption of duties regarding the handling of stray animals, in partnership with the Mayor Mr. Har. Koukianakis, we set in motion the below actions:

  • There will be an independent office for the handling of stray animals in the Town Hall’s building.  Full-time employee will be working there. Communication telephone: 2825340321.
  • From now on, we will be recording each stray animal around our villages in order to feed and take better care of them with the aid of Municipality’s employees and volunteers.
  • We allot extra money so as the neutering, hygiene care and the alimentation will be increased. Also, we will help with the necessary buildings’ beautification and upgrade, so as the animals to be taken care of temporarily there and totally healed.
  • We will fully protect stray animals so as unpleasant and embarrassing situations will not exist any more.  Animals deserve our attention and we should correspond to this right of them.

Apokorona’s Municipality, even there are adversities, is doing its best to deal with the issue of stray animals immediately and effectively, providing human and economic resources, facilities and every useful means that can help with their management.  In this difficult activity, we want you to stand by us and not to judge us.  We ask from you to continue this road that we have already “opened” for the important issue of the stray animals’ handling.

Sincerely yours,
Niki Niolaki,
Deputy Mayor
Responsible for stray animals