Kitten in need

It was all happening at Woodland Nook this morning. The Greek girls were enjoying the Indian summer and in a VERY feisty mood. Twinks and Pasca were scuffling on the porch roof, when Twinks decided to reach for the sky. The descent was a little more precarious…

Twinks decided to reach for the sky

Twinks needs a home, so if you want some kitty excitement in your life, just get in touch!

Here is Twinky (formally Jackie). Her mother died in labour & was found dead in a field by the owners of the land. The kittens that did survive were left to fend for themselves & starve. They cried all night & day and the villa residents heard but could not reach them. A gallant tourist caught this little one through the fence but her sibling, despite traps could not be reached. We presume he/she is now dead. It will be at least a month before Twinky is stable, we think she is 5 weeks old maybe six  but is skin & bones. She has an adorable nature, purring when picked & up she loves humans & cries for cuddles. Her eyes are clearing from the cat flu & thankfully she seems well otherwise. Twinky will be treated for all infections, vaccinated & we can assist with neutering. Please contact us if you can help her.