As for the malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals”

How simple animal adoptions abroad are converted by misinformed media to malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals” that promote homeless companion animals for experiments, bestiality, etc., with the suspected tolerance of relevant government authorities who refuse to implement EU directives on which there is full traceability at all times is possible as to where an animal is traveling abroad!
For many years, we are witnessing an unprecedented mud battle by a group of decadent “animal lovers” who accuse law-abiding citizens that they illegally smuggle stray animals and send them for ”vivisection”, for “sausage production”, for “drug trafficking”, and recently they state also to brothels for the “satisfaction of zoophiles”.

It is a fact that none of these accusations has been verified, simply because selfless volunteers who slave away daily and devote their lives to rescuing abused, poisoned, heavily wounded, helpless homeless animals from the inhospitable roads, entailed with huge psychical, personal and economic costs, fulfilling the duty of government and municipality who are permanently absent, have nothing to hide from anyone.
Most homeless animals are taken care of exclusively with money from conscientious friends of animals who fight a perpetual struggle to find a forever family for the homeless animals and not to abandon them back on the street where they face a tragic future.
Unfortunately in our country there are not many possibilities for such adoptions when a large number of owners abandon their animals easily in the streets and another part abuses them. For these reasons, the responsible friends of animals are addressing also the states of northern Europe where animal friendly education exists as well as stricter laws.
The sickening scenarios of the “antitheses to adoptions abroad” with absurd and cheap arguments that attempt to discredit honest and sensitive animal friendly citizens, do not withstand any logic and debate.
It is noteworthy that all these “self-appointed” saviors of homeless animals in our country do not do anything positive to help in this great problem of abandoning and rising violence, but are only keen to promote a ruthless slanderous defamation, seated comfortably in their armchairs and behind their computers, against real friends of the animals who strive hard to improve the tragic conditions of life for the animals in Greece.
Where will this insanity and vilification reach, this discord that some in the movement of friends of the animals are cultivating? Why instead of starting false impressions and to restrain the hard work of people that protect defenseless animals, not seeking consensus among all to address the problems? Finally what is the goal of this insidious attack, why have the “good” to look “bad” in this absurd story? Key questions that unfortunately neither the government nor some media deal with.

However the illegal pet and other animal trade is booming in our country. Thousands imports of purebred animals from abroad with false or no documents at all we have unveiled. Countless illegal breeders at random mate animals of all races in improper facilities, in true hellholes. Thousands of ads for the sale of these animals are placed daily on the Internet. The opponents of adoptions abroad however, do not deal with these issues and neither with the daily abuse of animals.
Unfortunately, the authorities of the Hellenic police have the same attitude and are quick to arrest and humiliate strangers and Greek friends of the animals as criminals without of course knowing the law and the circulars of the EU for non-commercial transportation of pets, relying on circulars that are obsolete since years.
Our federation declares that we will terminate these miseries and take action against those who are responsible, the veterinary services of the ministry of agriculture, the police, morbid psychically ill “friends of the animals”, mass media that spread false news and dishonor Greek friends of the animals and their organizations .

We urge the government

  • to stop persecuting loyal and concerned citizens because they happened to find themselves in the middle of a war that is unjust and harmful for the animals war and to look instead after the scandals that really exist,
  • to apply the relevant European regulations and to ensure unhindered movement of animals abroad applying the rules of traceability,
  • finally to stop this madness before things lead into bad situations, disadvantageous to our country.

Source: Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environment Federation