Here is Viviann who needs our help

viv2Viviann arrived emaciated in the garden of one of our dedicated volunteers, too weak to move she was brought in to us.
We gave her fluids a bath, warmth & food, covered in parasites so bad her fur was missing she is bald in many places.
We tested her for FIV/FeLV which thankfully was negative she needed parasite & eye infections treated is now gaining weight.
Testing her liver & kidneys are functioning is her next hurdle.

Ragnar Update & Missing Trap

ragnar AprilplMany people are asking about Ragnar & his progress this lucky boy is going to Hanover! His wonderful adopters have a ready made harem two girls both of which suffered abuse & lost a leg. The adopters are comfortable with disabled cats & have an enclosed garden where he will be safe. He can stand, the wound has healed he uses his litter trays but it will be sometime before he regains full use of his remaining back leg. The lazy boy has worked out he can run faster by using his powerful front legs on the tiles to get along!

Appeal for Ragnar

Ragnar was found by colleagues in the streets of Chania dragging his back legs along the road. Partially paralysed on the right side worse on the left X-Rays showed the lower lumbar spine had been slightly compressed from a blow to the spine. Ragnar after his amputation Everyone agreed we had to give this handsome boy a chance we were asked to nurse him, 6 weeks of cage rest no jumping, anti inflammatory medication, physio & heat. Gradually his tail moved, he regained control of his bladder/bowel using his litter trays. The right leg improved he was standing & walking but the left leg remained paralysed with muscle wasting, stiffness his paw bent backwards hindering movement tripping him up. Another 2 weeks later we had to make the difficult decision do we euthanize him as clearly he would never walk normally. Ragnar obviously longed to be back outside which would not be safe for him now he would not be able to run free as he did before.