As for the malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals”

Cat Slips Through Taoyuan Airport Security in Luggage
Although he has acknowledged the animal was the family’s pet, Qin says he was unaware the cat had sneaked into his luggage.

How simple animal adoptions abroad are converted by misinformed media to malicious scenarios on “illegal trafficking units for stray animals” that promote homeless companion animals for experiments, bestiality, etc., with the suspected tolerance of relevant government authorities who refuse to implement EU directives on which there is full traceability at all times is possible as to where an animal is traveling abroad!
For many years, we are witnessing an unprecedented mud battle by a group of decadent “animal lovers” who accuse law-abiding citizens that they illegally smuggle stray animals and send them for ”vivisection”, for “sausage production”, for “drug trafficking”, and recently they state also to brothels for the “satisfaction of zoophiles”.

CPR statistics 2011-14

Procedure 2011 – 13 2014
Neutered (cats) 611 236
Neutered (dogs) 20 16
Operations 20 19
Tests & Investigations 30 20
Vaccinations 51 86
Medication given 350 399
Passports 17 23
Euthanised 12 10
Adopted 92 30
Food given (dry kg) 250 409
Food given (tins) 200 469
Food given (kitten milk kg) 3 1
Travel Fees € 3,100 € 4,259
Veterinary Costs € 4,292 € 2,570
Other Expenses € 1,388 € 1,012