Greece Is Making History – Animal Welfare Story!

thumb_Wir-kastrieren-eine-Katze_This castration campaign was the most important in Greece because it was the first of our club just who has complied with all permits the Greek Animal Welfare Act. In two days, we have neutered over 50 cats and dogs and performed more than 60 surgeries, including amputation, tumor removal, etc.
Licensed, accredited veterinarians German with a Greek registration you wanted in this country have not. We complained more than three years with the help of the European Commission on our right and gained about a year ago. For all veterinarians who are planning to do thanks to our efforts, often unnerving paving the way forward!
We are happy to have finally been rewarded for years of effort. It is a feeling of satisfaction gained the insurmountable barriers in the fight against the suffering of having. And Skopelos is only the beginning!

Source: Arche Noah Kreta

Little Bertie from the bins

BertieFound very dehydrated and with an eye infection, and of course starving. He seems to be around 6 weeks old but not sure. He is approx. 250 centimeters in length. Very handlable. We think he is male.

3rd August 2012 Bertie visited the vet today & was confirmed as being a boy! Has had subcutaneous antibiotics for his cat flu, & will have milbemax for worms & effipro for fleas tommorow

9th August 2012
Bertie has now recovered from his cat flu, and is looking much healthier despite a mild mild case of ringworm (note the typical black staining around the nose & mouth)

World Society for the Protection of Animals publishes new website

WSPA has published its new website Animal Mosiaclogo-default

Animal Mosaic is the online home of animal welfare, highlighting how welfare issues overlap with and affect wider global concerns.

The growing range of engaging educational resources housed here makes the case for the importance of animal welfare in the worldwide context of social change and sustainable development. read more