Misfit appeal

We have an appeal for our little group of misfits that came into us over the weekend.

Two sets of tourists left the island traumatised spending the weekend either fishing ginger kittens one by one out of boiling wheelie bins, stuffed into cardboard boxes left to die in Kalyves or tabby kittens left ignored by the roadside dying of dehydration sitting on their dead mother in Almyrida. The kind tourists that picked them up spent an agonising 2 days dodging hotel staff whilst trying to find someone to help.

We never usually mix recovering/cats kittens this time we made an exception. They were all bewildered & dazed, dehydrated, heaving with parasites, eye injuries from serious cat flu, roughly the same age.

They are now sweet smelling from their baths, parasite treatments started, cuddled up with each other & have made their own little family!

Approximately 3-4 weeks of age we have:

Two ginger & white females
Larger kitten (the one in the igloo) has infection damage to her left eye (cataract), vision is normal in the other eye and seems not to bother her at all. Cat flu is receding & she is a little dumpling eating everything, naughty little miss, ready to go in 2 weeks.

Her sister is more red in color, tiny undernourished  & the noisiest of the bunch with a piercing squeak! Her cat flu is slower to go but she is playful and delightful, may take a little longer till ready for re homing.

Two stunning tabbies

The female is utterly gorgeous & surprisingly has no signs of infections at all, quite docile & still confused at losing her mother with doe like eyes she could be re-homed any-time. Her brother is the most stunning tabby & he will be a big boy when eventually fit & well.

Sadly his right eye has been completely destroyed by infection will need surgical closure at about 12 weeks of age.  His other eye is perfect & he will see & behave as a normal cat but will need to be with us a few months. We will as always assist with neutering and vaccination.

Please contact us if you can offer a home if not as always we also need to raise funds for their treatment & care. If adoption does not happen on Crete we must fund transport to Woodland Nook in the UK.