Larissa: Mammoth fine €270,000 for puppies slaughterer

The mammoth fine of 270,000 euro was imposed to a man in Larissa who had slaughtered nine new-born puppies with a backhoe and buried them in a plastic bag under stones. Going strictly by the Greek Animal Abuse book, police fined the murderer of defenceless souls with the maximum fine of €30,000 for each puppy, even though one of the puppies survived.

The unprecedented for Greece fine was imposed by the Municipality Police and confirmed by the deputy mayor of Larissa in Central Greece.TsapaKoutaviaZontano

The incident occurred in Agia Marina village August 2013: a neighbour saw the 54 year old man slaughtering the puppies of his own dog with a backhoe and immediately informed the local “animal welfare society of volunteers” that helped her file a law suit. read more

Arche Noah’s November Newsletter

Arche Noah Kreta  are active as animal rights activists on the holiday island of Crete for over ten years. During this time there have been many ups and downs. We have moved a lot and learned a lot and gained valuable experience. By now we know the Greek way of life and the attitude of the islanders towards animals and animal rights activists us very well. We know exactly the form in which our work is meaningful and where we can really help and make a difference. On the basis of these experiences is our work today and our animal protection concept on Crete.archenoah newsletter

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