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Black & White Boy: Approximately 4 months of age This poor little chap suffered trauma to his right front leg, we started getting calls about him 2 weeks ago. At the time we were full unable to take him in, we asked people to try and help by taking him to a vet. Offering to fund the expenses we heard nothing assuming it was feral and impossible to catch. Last week we asked a volunteer to check on kitten, armed with trap and gloves going back a few times she picked him up off the road and brought him to us. We are just exasperated that this tame, loving, socialized kitten who could have been caught anytime by anyone now requires an amputation as the injury was left to long. We urgently need donations now for his X Rays, blood samples and eventual amputation (leg is paralyzed). He is better already for love, warmth, pain relief and antibiotics, in the future he should do very well but needs a loving home where he is safe. He is the most affectionate kitten and loves other cats he is currently sharing accommodation with another kitten needing help as he was lonely and depressed.