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Monday 1am, Pippen followed Pippa

Update 30/08/13

We have very sad news about Pippa, despite antibiotics, sub cutaneous saline, and any & every intervention we could think of that might help, she was unable to eat or keep fluids down & left us at dawn.
A salutary lesson for everybody to learn… do not ever give cow’s milk or condensed milk to newborn kittens.
Her brother Pippen is still with us although very frail, his future is uncertain. We are doing everything we can for him.

We have three little souls who arrived as emergencies, if you can offer a home please contact us, if you cannot adopt we need to raise funds to send them onto our colleagues in the UK at Woodland Nook, Derby for re homing, any assistance is always appreciated.

Pippen & Pippa 

These cheeky orphans came from Chania, they are 3-4 weeks old & still bottle feeding, there is  no sign so far of cat flu or anything else other than upset tummies from carnation milk!

Pippen is the strongest he is a gorgeous black tabby & he loves to play & is very vocal… ear plugs required!

Pippa is the more delicate of the two, she is a tricolour with an asymmetrical face which will change as she grows & hopefully become less obvious.  Other than her upset tummy she seems well. We are weaning them early as they now seem lactose intolerant from the poor diet.

They will be vaccinated at 8 weeks are being treated for the usual parasites, we will also assist with neutering. Can anyone find room for these little ones?


This dear little boy was found wandering on the beach & in the taverna’s. His left eye destroyed by infection and after distressed tourists contacted us he was caught & fearing meningitis setting in our vet operated on him the same day to remove the eye & treat the infection.

Apologies for the distressing picture but it needs to be known that if cat flu/simple eye infections are not treated for the sake of 5 days of Tobrex eye drops (€3 a bottle) this is the result… a kitten left in agony, blinded & disabled, it is infuriating.

Erasmus is the sweetest tabby kitten about 12 weeks old. After the operation he is now playing & recovering really well. He is a little clumsy as he adjusts to one eye,  he loves cuddles & purrs when picked up & is slowly learning how to use his litter tray, he also loves other cats.

Next week we shall remove his stitches & he will be neutered, microchipped & vaccinated.

We cannot return him to the beach after all he has suffered, he deserves a loving safe home.

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