Ragnar Update & Missing Trap

ragnar AprilplMany people are asking about Ragnar & his progress this lucky boy is going to Hanover!
His wonderful adopters have a ready made harem two girls both of which suffered abuse & lost a leg. The adopters are comfortable with disabled cats & have an enclosed garden where he will be safe.
He can stand, the wound has healed he uses his litter trays but it will be sometime before he regains full use of his remaining back leg. The lazy boy has worked out he can run faster by using his powerful front legs on the tiles to get along!

Many thanks to the truly great human beings who stole a new cat trap (brought over from the UK) from outside Piscines in Kalyves along with assorted chairs!
In future be aware pick up your carriers & traps within a few days so they are not seen lying around.
In the meantime if anyone happens to see this distinctive black trap please let us know.

Robust steel manual cat trap, this is manuallyunnamed operated by means of a pull cord, allowing the operator to select which cat to trap. This trap is particularly useful for catching a mother with kittens.
The Mac Trap is the latest design from MDC, built from 2.5cm x 2.5cm, 1.6mm wire mesh, covered in black paint and plated to ensure longer life. The black colour also helps the trap blend into the background.

Mac Trap
Mac Trap Spare Polyglass Door