Animals poisoned in Chania

Two stray dogs were found dead in Agioi Apostoloi in Chania on Wednesday, victims of poisoned bait. Two more poisoned animals survived after last minute treatment was administered by animal welfare rescuers. Residents in Agioi Apostoloi are horrified by the poisoning. The dogs were well liked and shop keepers and residents have been looking after them for some time. Mrs Bobolaki president of Chania Animal Welfare Association said “Dozens of tourists were in the area and were appalled by the site of the dead and dying dogs. This sort of thing damages the reputation of our island as a tourist destination”.

poisoned dogs
The police is investigating the incident and will prosecute the perpetrators if they ever find them. Incidents of reported animal poisonings are on the increase in Crete with stray animal poisoning reported every week.


Arche Noah Kreta veterinarians recognised in Greece

Ines and Thomas were recognized after long and arduous years as veterinarians in Greece. What is the gain for animal protection, this can be found here.tap_logo





thomasundInesInes and Thomas were recognized after long and arduous years as veterinarians in Greece. On 19/04/2010 my Protocol 257 471 and No. 257 472 by the Greek Ministry of Agriculture were notified by telephone, which should ensure that the decision was rendered. I really believe it was only when both the original certificates of recognition in front of me. Continue reading “Arche Noah Kreta veterinarians recognised in Greece”


Tati a silver tabby lost her right eye due to untreated infection whilst roaming the streets, and her left eye has a cataract leaving her mostly blind. She is very tame & affectionate and now has a loving & safe home

Solo abandoned just before the gales

Now being throughly spoilt in the UK at Woodland Nook Cat Rescue

solosnest1We have another little one needing a home
He was found thrown in the middle of a busy road bewildered & crying rescued by a kind passer by who contacted us for help.
He is coming to join Itzy, Bitzy & Witzy we are sadly lacking in inspiration so he is hence forth known as Mitzy! (now Solo)
We have transport to the UK in June if anyone can find friends or relatives kind enough to give a home to any of these orphans.


Itzy, Witzy & Bitzy

So it begins….

The first of this year’s arrivals are here courtesy of a helpful human being placing 5 week old kittens still feeding from their Mother into a tied up feed sack thrown into a Chania refuse bin. A passer-by heard them screaming & climbed in to rescue them & kindly brought them to us.

Despite the usual dehydration & starvation they are very talkative (you can hear them the other end of the garden!) they love humans & are starting to play & we are weaning them early as they are so hungry.

Predictably they have mild cat flu & the usual parasites which we have already started treating including a hot bath & scrub with a toothbrush as they were filthy little beings!

Itzy (♂), Bitzy (♂) & Witzy (♀) need a loving home they will be vaccinated, neutered & micro-chipped.

If anyone has friends or relatives living in the UK, Netherlands or Switzerland we will pay for their care, veterinary bills, pet passports & microchips if the adopters can assist with travel costs (€70-€200 depending upon method of transport).httpvh://