About us

We support local cat colonies with food (mainly supplied by Arche Noah Kreta), & medicine & veterinary care whilst also assisting in the coordination of neutering programs.

We deliver education in animal care to local people and liaise with other organisations locally & European to foster & rehome cats & kittens (some of which are detailed in the gallery).

Our animal welfare work is entirely supported by volunteers & organisations, charities & individuals who generously give their time, effort & support

We are based in the Apokoronas region of Crete, Greece… read more . . .

Itzy, Witzy & Bitzy

So it begins….

The first of this year’s arrivals are here courtesy of a helpful human being placing 5 week old kittens still feeding from their Mother into a tied up feed sack thrown into a Chania refuse bin. A passer-by heard them screaming & climbed in to rescue them & kindly brought them to us.

Despite the usual dehydration & starvation they are very talkative (you can hear them the other end of the garden!) they love humans & are starting to play & we are weaning them early as they are so hungry.… read more . . .

Aptera Cat Colony

Approximately 50 cats are being fed by a local Greek lady who has become overwhelmed by their needs. We are providing food every month, veterinary care and a neutering program also supported by volunteers and her neighbours.
The cats are suffering from server fungal disease and skin infections, we have paid for our vet to take skin samples for testing. To regain their health this colony will need fungicide treatment, many have severe flea allergy and are riddled with parasites… read more . . .

Attorney for the protection of animals for the first time in Greece

Attorney responsible for the protection of stray animals and was first defined, by order of the head of the Athens First Instance Court Prosecutor, pursuant to recent law passed by the government. 
The responsibility was assigned to Prosecutor Angelopopoulou Constantina, which has oversight of cases of abuse, poisoning or torturing animals and other violations of the rules.
news source: adespoto.gr

more about this hereread more . . .