Lost ginger

26th March 2016: a few days ago Teddy was reviewed by George and due to his stress ulcer and his vastly improved condition it was decided that he was ready to return to the olive groves of Tsivaris, his jaw brace was removed. He had quite a crowd to see him off and didnt hang around looking for his next meal!

[mapsmarker marker=”123″]On Friday 26th February this poor boy was found unconscious, bleeding from his ears/mouth by the roadside on the Kefalas/VaCagerestmos road.

Obviously hit by a car he was lucky to be found by a caring individual who took him to George in Souda, his broken jaw has been wired & his broken pelvis requires 8 weeks cage rest then gentle physio.

Having need of cage nursing for 8-10 weeks we were asked to assist & we picked up ‘Teddy’ as he is now known from George on Monday (29/02/16), is anybody missing this boy?

We cannot touch him but that maybe due to stress/pain/head injury or he may be a roaming village tom (not anymore…) now neutered.

If anyone knows who he belongs to please let us know he will be with us until fully recovered fit to go back.

Many thanks to the generous finder who also paid his vets fees. teddy xray

Living Together with the Animals

animalsThe Federation (Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation), in its effort to enforce the animal loving idea to the new children, in cooperation with the Municipality of Apokoronas has already started at the schools of the Municipality the presentation of the educational program “Living together with the Animals Around Me”, that Ms Melita Lazaratou created.

Almost all teachers responded  to the invitation of the Municipality and our Federation and the young pupils surprised us pleasantly with their knowledge and questions concerning animals.

Our program is presented in the schools of Chania and Crete as well as the rest of Greece since 2008 and has contributed a lot to the change of our attitude as concerns animals. animals.

Mrs Aggeliki Bartsioka, member of the BOD of our Federation and President of the Animal Welfare Association of Lamia is presenting the program.

The Municipality of Apokoronas covered the air tickets expenses of Mrs Bartsioka and Mr. Venetaki’s Pet Shop other expenses of the program.

“Living Together with the Animals” – an innovating program in the schools of Apokoronas