Neutering Care: Post-operative Guidelines for Domesticated Cats

Please keep your cat indoors for 7 days if possible in a small room (such as a laundry/utility room/garage) keep your postoperative cat quiet and peaceful.

Check for urination particularly if your cat was pregnant at the time of her spay please verify that she continues to urinate for several days after surgery.

Please check your cat’s mucous membranes (gums) when you arrive home. The mucous membrane colour should be a pale pink to red; more importantly, the colour must quickly return after applied pressure to the gums (above the canine tooth). Check your cat’s colour in the evening & before retiring to bed.

Offer water immediately after returning home. If your cat is not vomiting, you may offer dry food four hours later and resume normal feeding the day after surgery. Generally, a lack of appetite is normal for the first 24 hours post-op. However, your cat must be drinking water & if he/she shows no interest in food or water after 24 hours or continues to vomit water after 12 hours please contact us for advice.

Check your cat’s surgical incision daily for redness, swelling, discharge or wound gaping. Some redness and swelling is normal, contact us if you are in any way concerned.

Do not clean the incision – you may introduce infection. The incision needs to remain dry. If it becomes dirty, flush the incision with Saline Solution (teaspoon salt to 500ml of boiled water). Do not bathe your cat for at least 7 days.

Some discomfort 24-36 hours post-op is normal we do not usually give pain relief. Your cat should continually improve; he/she should feel better every day.

Your female cat will have dissolvable sutures; there is no need for suture removal as they will drop out or be removed by her. Male cats do not require sutures.

Male cats remain virile for 3-4 weeks after surgery if adult keep confined for 4 weeks (obviously feral are released within 24hrs).

It is essential you contact us in an emergency as only approved veterinarians may be consulted. We will not be responsible for any veterinary postoperative emergency care without prior agreement

Rev.1.1  16/07/2013