Nine lives but only three legs

Katy has been very fortunate to find a new home here in Crete, making the most of it after a long journey…    Saturday 25/01/14

This poor girl is approximately 6 months old but very small for her age, she arrived on a dark wet night in December after being found by the roadside with her back legs bloody & having to drag herself along. There were no vets available but Cassie valiantly scooped her up & brought her to us for emergency care.

Shocked from pain & blood loss Katy had a small fracture (we later found on x-ray) of the pelvis, her back leg & the base of her tail had foul infected wounds, the left leg open to the bone. A critical issue was that she had already lost the left front leg in the past! if we did not stop the infection amputation of a second limb was not viable Katy would have to be euthanised.

Our vet & volunteer assistants skilfully cut away the infected tissue on her leg & the wounds were cleaned & sutured; she needed twice daily antibiotic injections, anti-inflammatory & pain relief drugs & wound cleaning & cage rest was all we could now we hoped for the best.

Now 6 weeks later she is helping dismantle the xmas tree & bounding about the garden! Her wounds are completely healed but she has a small limp due to muscle damage on the back leg & is a little clumsy which may or may not resolve in time.

Some psychological trauma also remains & she is slightly nervous outdoors with strangers but she is gradually becoming more confident. She is very mischievous & talkative but also affectionate loving other cats & humans she is quite capable of being a lap cat.

Katy needs a safe garden without busy roads, to be kept in at night & protected from other animals that may attack her, we suspect she was savaged by a roaming dog.

We need a special home for Katy Kitten, can any of you give her the love & attention this valiant little girl needs?

Hebe, a kitten with a broken leg

A very devastating start to the New Year (2017) those of you who visit us have seen Hebe running around the garden scaling trees like she had 6 legs. Rescued from an olive grove peppered with lead shot her leg broken beyond repair. Hebe came through the trauma of losing her leg as a kitten by then we could not bear to part with her, she stayed with us added to our menagerie of waifs and strays. After days stuck indoors with bad weather full of energy she raced off to investigate her fields and trees, she slipped from her favourite olive tree dying from the trauma of her injuries. Hebe would never have been happy trapped indoors, it is now very quiet without her & she is sorely missed.

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Rescue Cats to UK, please adopt a Greek Feline

Monday 1am, Pippen followed Pippa

Update 30/08/13

We have very sad news about Pippa, despite antibiotics, sub cutaneous saline, and any & every intervention we could think of that might help, she was unable to eat or keep fluids down & left us at dawn.
A salutary lesson for everybody to learn… do not ever give cow’s milk or condensed milk to newborn kittens.
Her brother Pippen is still with us although very frail, his future is uncertain. We are doing everything we can for him.

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Municipal Veterinary Clinic in Chania

Municipality of Chania announces the foundation and establishment of a Municipal Veterinary Clinic for the neutering program, deworming, vaccination, microchipping and feeding stray animals with the participation of seven Chania veterinarians. Under the terms of the building lease it will not be possible to keep animals overnight. Also there are plans to provide information on the service to the public & schools.

The clinic will be on the ground floor of the Municipal Community Water Offices

Veterinarians participating include: Eleni Maroulaki, Irini Kapsonaki, Stavros Xirouchakis, Georg Vizyrakis, Tania Aeriniotakis, Maria Kampoyraki & Leyteris Xatzidakis

Sources: Chania Pets & Chania News

Bumble in need

Bumble Update 08/03/13
The poor boy on his left side has a fractured pelvis broken in three places but the hip joint is intact with a large haematoma over the groin area no apparent nerve damage.  Our vet sought a second opinion with a an orthopaedic colleague in Athens after sedation this is what we did for him:

  • Stabilised the pelvis by bandaging, he will need cage rest for a month then another month to recover.
  • To avoid another anaesthetic he was castrated he is young approx. 1-2 years.
  • Ivermectin injection for ear mites & internal parasites.
  • Antibiotic injection to prevent infection.
  • Meloxicam oral 7 more days for pain & inflammation.
  • He already had Drontal & frontline for tapeworm & fleas.
  • He had a yummy tuna supper & is now tucked up warm in his basket on the heated floor

Bumble says a big thank you to those who have already donated towards his veterinary bills

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Vincent from Vamos

Thursday 21st February

Vincent before going home

Update: Vincent has now been released back to the wild and seemed more than happy running down the path he knows well & straight into the olive grove back to his mates!.

Treatment included:

  • leg & abdominal wound cleaning & suturing
  • giardia treatment*
  • sample analysis for internal parasites
  • fleaded & wormed
  • neutered & undescended testicle removed

Many thanks to those who rescued Vincent from the car engine, this was a team effort

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