Vincent from Vamos

Thursday 21st February

Vincent before going home

Update: Vincent has now been released back to the wild and seemed more than happy running down the path he knows well & straight into the olive grove back to his mates!.

Treatment included:

  • leg & abdominal wound cleaning & suturing
  • giardia treatment*
  • sample analysis for internal parasites
  • fleaded & wormed
  • neutered & undescended testicle removed

Many thanks to those who rescued Vincent from the car engine, this was a team effort

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A happy beginning…

I am the lady that was holidaying in Rhodes that was trying to help an injured kitten, I am delighted to say, that with the help of the GWCS and RAWS, he is to be treated, passported and has a place on a flight back to the UK  on October 21st.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help, support and advice.

I have attached a photo of the little beauty for you to see. Isn’t he adorable!! He looks like he could have a broken leg, but he hasn’t been to the vet yet so we do not know what treatment he will need

Good luck with the rescuing, you are all doing the most amazing work