Xmas Appeal Update

This is a great big thank you to all who donated towards the rescue kitten’s travel THEY MADE IT TODAY!

Mavro, Mousey, Basil, Mittens & Lulu have reached the care of Woodland Nook Rescue in Derby courtesy of Jane & Paul’s hard work in re homing our cats & kittens.

Mittens & Erasmus have gone home 02/03/14 . Joint efforts from incredible people; our vets, foster parents, volunteers & animal welfare colleagues also including David who kindly escorted & cared for cats on the journey.

Thanks to MIRTOS our last kitten Erasmus flies out to his new home in Holland at the weekend.

Rescue Cats to UK, please adopt a Greek Feline

Monday 1am, Pippen followed Pippa

Update 30/08/13

We have very sad news about Pippa, despite antibiotics, sub cutaneous saline, and any & every intervention we could think of that might help, she was unable to eat or keep fluids down & left us at dawn.
A salutary lesson for everybody to learn… do not ever give cow’s milk or condensed milk to newborn kittens.
Her brother Pippen is still with us although very frail, his future is uncertain. We are doing everything we can for him.

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First kittens arrive

These sad & bedraggled little orphans arrived from Chania pet rescue yesterday for bottle feeding their mother & one sibling had died.

The remaining 4 (2 girls & 2 boys we think!) after 3 hourly feeds all night are still alive & kicking, we are hopeful they will now make it.

They will be vaccinated, healthy & socialised by the time they are ready to leave us at 8 weeks, we will assist in neutering.

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