Dimos Neutering Session

26th September DOGS ONLY
21st October CATS & DOGS

To book a stray dog please contact the Dimos (office hours):

2825 3 40519
2825 3 40522
If you wish to attend with cats please contact via cpr@catspyjamas.org, Facebook Messenger or Tel 6949476418 supplying the following information:
· How many cats & sex if known
· Approx. age
· Pregnant
· Nursing kittens
· Any diseases or wounds
· Contact details: Tel number including mobile/land line/postal address
Difficult cats: please trap the day before & keep in a quiet, cool, dry place.… read more . . .

Living Together with the Animals

animalsThe Federation (Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation), in its effort to enforce the animal loving idea to the new children, in cooperation with the Municipality of Apokoronas has already started at the schools of the Municipality the presentation of the educational program “Living together with the Animals Around Me”, that Ms Melita Lazaratou created.

Almost all teachers responded  to the invitation of the Municipality and our Federation and the young pupils surprised us pleasantly with their knowledge and questions concerning animals.… read more . . .

Free Clinic to take feline skin/fur & ear canal samples

Feline ear examination
common sign of ear mite infection

Tuesday 3rd June 2014, starting at 11am we are holding a clinic to take feline skin/fur & ear canal samples.

Miss Nelly Kostopoulou a Ph.D. student from The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will be visiting us to take samples for her research.

Our local Greek veterinarians have assisted Nelly in her work so their is no conflict of interest, it is an amazing opportunity for those of you with cats suffering allergies/lesions/mites or any form of skin issues to have testing for free.… read more . . .

Friends of Animals Rethymno launches new website

farThe animal welfare association “Friends of Animals – Rethymno” was founded in 2000. The terrible living conditions for animals, the vast number of animals abandoned on the streets or in the bins and the total indifference by the authorities to these animals were the motives that lead a group of people to set up the association with the intention of helping these animals and to inform the public.

The association is run solely with volunteers and all expenses are raised from donations and fund-raising events.… read more . . .

Xmas Appeal Update

Woodland Nook Kitty Taxi
Woodland Nook Kitty Taxi

appealThis is a great big thank you to all who donated towards the rescue kitten’s travel

Erasmus & Mittens
Erasmus & Mittens

THEY MADE IT TODAY! Mavro, Mousey, Basil, Mittens & LouLou have reached the care of Woodland Nook Rescue in Derby courtesy of Jane & Paul’s hard work in re homing our cats & kittens.Lulu

Mittens & Erasmus have gone home 02/03/14




Joint efforts from incredible people; our vets, foster parents, volunteers & animal welfare colleagues also including David who kindly escorted & cared for cats on the journey.

read more . . .

Rethymnon Municipal Veterinary Clinic to open in the Spring

frontviewAnimal Welfare for strays on Crete took a giant step forward with the announcement of certification of the Municipal Veterinary Clinic signed on the 28th January 2014 by the Mayor of Rethymnon Mr George C. Marinakis. The clinic premises are situated in Zouridi & were donated, restored & refurbished for veterinary use by the Municipality of Rethymnon.… read more . . .

Press Release: The Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation and The Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals”

Successive meeting were held today (16-04-13) between our Association, the Municipality of Chania and the Municipality Police of Chania,  as well as the Public Prosecutors of Judges of Appeal and the Police Directorate of Chania, within the framework of our effort for the correct implementation of law 4039/2012, which refers to the protection of the stray and non-stray accompanying animals,  as well as the obligations of the their proprietors towards them.protectionanimalsread more . . .

Rewarded: the young students who adopted two stray puppies abandoned in their playground

DSCN0836 “Animal welfare” took the initiative to reward students from the municipality Chanion.Stin event held at noon in kindergarten mayor Chania Mr. Skoulakis with the participation of the Mayor Mr. Ampadiotaki and officials responsible nominal praise distributed to all children, brochures and books, creating a joyous and heartwarming atmosphere.
The president of our association Ms. Bobolakis rewarded the practice of children with commemorative gifts, stressing how important and groundbreaking was the decision that was the springboard to imitate other schools in our city.… read more . . .

VOCAL Bazaar Sunday 24th February

VOCAL Bazaar Sunday 24th February

the Elounda based cat charity, will be holding our next Bazaar in the Peacock pub opposite the Euro Supermarket in Elounda on Sunday 24th February from 1030 to 1330.
We have hundreds of bargains – clothes, shoes, fabrics, merchandise, greetings cards, books, DVDs and literally thousands of CDs to choose from!
Our ever popular Tombola will be back with new prizes.
Please come along and browse – the thing you never knew you couldn’t live without is probably there somewhere.… read more . . .