Urgent appeal kitten adoption

It is with great relief we are happy to announce that the little black kitten has been adopted

We have a little one about 6 weeks old tiny more like 4 weeks of age his litter lost mummy at a few weeks of age thrown out in the middle of nowhere left to fend for themselves.

Much to the distress of the lady feeding them, 3 of his siblings disappeared & he was found one morning alone hiding in the wall we presume they were taken during the night by some predator.

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Nine lives but only three legs

Katy has been very fortunate to find a new home here in Crete, making the most of it after a long journey…    Saturday 25/01/14

This poor girl is approximately 6 months old but very small for her age, she arrived on a dark wet night in December after being found by the roadside with her back legs bloody & having to drag herself along. There were no vets available but Cassie valiantly scooped her up & brought her to us for emergency care.

Shocked from pain & blood loss Katy had a small fracture (we later found on x-ray) of the pelvis, her back leg & the base of her tail had foul infected wounds, the left leg open to the bone. A critical issue was that she had already lost the left front leg in the past! if we did not stop the infection amputation of a second limb was not viable Katy would have to be euthanised.

Our vet & volunteer assistants skilfully cut away the infected tissue on her leg & the wounds were cleaned & sutured; she needed twice daily antibiotic injections, anti-inflammatory & pain relief drugs & wound cleaning & cage rest was all we could now we hoped for the best.

Now 6 weeks later she is helping dismantle the xmas tree & bounding about the garden! Her wounds are completely healed but she has a small limp due to muscle damage on the back leg & is a little clumsy which may or may not resolve in time.

Some psychological trauma also remains & she is slightly nervous outdoors with strangers but she is gradually becoming more confident. She is very mischievous & talkative but also affectionate loving other cats & humans she is quite capable of being a lap cat.

Katy needs a safe garden without busy roads, to be kept in at night & protected from other animals that may attack her, we suspect she was savaged by a roaming dog.

We need a special home for Katy Kitten, can any of you give her the love & attention this valiant little girl needs?

Christmas Appeal

Our Xmas appeal is for donations to fund travel costs in January 2014 sending SEVEN stranded cats & kittens to our colleague’s shelter in the UK for adoption. We have kind van drivers who take them across as & when they can but they cannot take them all.

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Arche Noah Kreta appeal

Help us help!

After successful loading of our last trucks it comes now to the container for the third quarter of 2013.

With your donation, bring our feed transport for the third quarter to Crete!

The transport costs € 6,000, of which we get together already € 3,550 through your help.

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