Hi Everyone, our furry ones are asking for your help again any way you can!

This little tabby boy hit by a car pushed his back leg out of the hip socket, his tummy and bits are black and blue he was in agony. Volunteers caught him took him to our vet, she pushed his leg back in and treated the injuries. Sadly he has developed swelling of the brain and is on steroids and fluids overnight tomorrow he will have Mannitol intravenously to try to reduce the brain swelling.

Something nice! We have three monkeys, two needing homes. Thrown into the bottom of a bin & rescued by a Greek lady. Hera (tricolour) & Freya (tabby) are now 5 weeks old & need loving homes. Hera is plump and opinionated like most torties! Freya is dainty and clever she loves cuddles, they all do. Meanwhile its official we have turned into a zoo!

  • Freya adopted in UK
  • Hera adopted in UK

We are ever grateful to Cretan Animal Protection who next week is finally able to take Zippy, Fifi, Freddy, Dugee, Bambi & Mr Pilchard to their new homes in the UK.

  • Freddy
  • Zippy
  • Duggie
  • Fifi
  • Mr Pilchard
  • Bambi

We have others & those were nursing. We have tough decisions to make; do we continue to provide free food for our strays monthly, feed & medicate all the ones we are looking after or pay our vet? Any lovely people out there for Sansa & Arya? Can anyone support us in feeding our strays?

Appeal for Food & Felines

You are amazing!
We made it to feed them for another month because of your generosity!
300 kg on its way for the strays!

Apologies we are broke, sadly no food yet to distribute this month but were working on it! Meanwhile we have been carrying on tending to the sickest cats & clearing up after Dimos neutering.

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Difficult Times . .

Those of you following Heather`s posts on facebook will know Sweety came to us at the weekend for intensive care, she was deteriorating rapidly. Despite emergency care on Monday morning sadly her heart gave out whilst our vet was trying to treat her.

People have been asking the cause, its not pleasant but sometimes we do postmortems on difficult cases to make sure we have all done what we can & learn what care we can change if anything in the future.
Sweety had overwhelming infection from old wounds, her lungs and chest cavity were filled with pus, nothing would have saved this brave girl.

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Dave needs your help!

How to explain the sub human who has trained his dog to attack the local cats/kittens and tear them apart.

This is the third we have tried to save and put back together if you wonder what the Valentines night donations will be used for Dave’s bill will reach around €800 if he lives.

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HELP! 13 kittens

… half of them still needing homes!
We took in a litter of seven going blind, dying of diarrhoea. 
6 boys and one poor little girl!
After weeks of tests & treatment all of them are now fit and healthy eating like mad desperate for homes. 
Various shades of gingers & one sweet tabby boy calling on you for help.
We need help to pay their vet bills, vaccinate them & find them homes.

Appeal for help with three severely disabled cats

This week has been distressing for vets, volunteers & cats.
We are appealing for help with three severely disabled cats. 
Their stories are depressing and horrific, the time and energy to nurse them intense but we see spirit and the will to live in all three.

Warning: there are distressing images in this post

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