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Maggy May & kittens Maggy May was a villa cat living in the grounds seen struggling to feed her kittens catching her broken left front leg on the undergrowth. Her leg was useless dragging on the ground bent at an angle eventually it would ulcerate & cause infection. Caring cat lovers contacted us wading through the undergrowth they helped us to trap mum & kittens. Maggy May`s leg was amputated she is coping really well the wound healing fine. Three kittens ow about 8 weeks old ginger boy boisterous & healthy, two tabby`s gaining weight all ready for new homes. We will assist with vaccination & neutering if re homed here. January 2016 update Maggy May`s kittens have all been adopted on Crete, sadly she still waits for a loving home we sent her to Woodland Nook in Derby where she is having lots of attention whilst waiting for adoption.