CALL THE ANIMAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION (AWA) or What sort of Animals Welfare Association (AWA) are you?

protectionanimals“Call the AWA” or “what sort of AWA are you?” are the usual expressions of those who think that the stray’s problems are solved in this way.

These are the people who cannot understand that no matter how many dogs the AWA will “collect” the strays will never be reduced in this way.
The conscience and duty of most of those calling the AWA ends there!

They feel inside relieved thinking that they did the right thing and that they functioned as animals lovers.

But the AWA is not the dog-catcher and one telephone call does not make you an active responsible citizen and an animal lover.
Do you want to help a stray animal you found? The stray is wandering in your neighborhood?

  • Put some food and water and host it in a protected place-area.
  • If you cannot host it try to find friends and relatives who can do it.
  • Take it to the vet if it is injured or ill, or to check for chip existence.
  • If there is no Municipality neutering program at the moment, collect money from the neighbors and neuter them with the AWA help.
  • Edit its photo through the internet, AWA sites and facebooks  to find its owner or the one that abandoned it or to find a good and loving  house  to adopt it.

Call the AWA to help you through this procedure but not just to “collect” the animal.
The act of asylum on animals is forbidden in Greece by law. Only a few days residence in a shelter is permitted (as long care and hospitalization is needed) and then the animal has to be relocated in its natural environment.
Learn how to live together with the stray animals. The strays do not “appear” just like this, but are created by man himself and by the uncontrolled births of owned animals.
“Call the AWA” to help the organization and not assign duties that you can handle by yourself.
We also have to note once more that the few active volunteers of the AWA are simple citizens, without any legal obligation to do what they are doing, are not under any duty, are not being paid on the contrary they pay themselves in many cases, they do whatever they can by their own choice to help the animals and at the end of the day they  cannot afford any more the expenses thousands of grown-up stray animals puppies and kittens.
These hours during the National Economical Crisis, what our Association can do with many difficulties is to help the numerous injured and ill animals.
The expression  “Call the AWA” should be replaced by the expression “Call the Municipality”, which has by law the responsibility  of the shelter, neutering, adoption e.t.c. of the stray animals.
We are asking again the Municipality employees not to give the AWA telephone numbers to the complaining citizens, but  refer them to the municipality authorities, who can communicate with us and if we have the possibility we will willingly help.
So call the Municipality!

Anastasia Bobolaki,
(a)    of the Animal Welfare Association of Chania “The Protection of Animals” and
(b)    of the Panhellenic Animal Welfare and Environmental Federation

Reproduced in its entirety with permission from A Bobolaki