Robin’s diagnosis

This is supposed to be the season of goodwill our team feel none after Fridays vet run…..

Robin too sick to sedate & X-ray when he arrived but was completed yesterday to check his spine & pelvis. His neuro exam showed great improvement, he remains blind with uncoordinated movements.

To do this work we have to learn to manage our feelings seeing the results of animal abuse daily otherwise you go mad, viewing Robins X-ray’s we were crushed.

Cause of brain injury/infection two pellets lodged in his brain severing his optic nerves affecting sense of smell and causing ataxia. Pellet in his sternum broke his breastbone will cause no issues but his brain is damaged beyond repair altering this kitten’s life forever.
It won’t be the local vet or his henchmen persecuting us that will make us give up. It will be coping with the thought after 14 years of being here we still have utter psychotic morons doing this getting away with itRobin is learning to run all be it legs akimbo! Using his other senses to play, use his litter tray, he loves other animals’ company adores cuddles.

He needs one to one someone with time not too many animals, a secure garden or housecat only is fine.

Next few months he will adjust get stronger he should need no special vet care or extra expense and live a normal happy lifespan. If you cannot decide what to do for Xmas presents help us help Robin by donating or offering to adopt, he can travel anywhere.


Robin had masses blood tests, FIP, FIV, FeLV, toxoplasmosis and a neurology exam confirming probably toxo meningitis we await results as they go to Athens.
Meanwhile he has to be isolated from kittens and sick cats for a month. Sadly she suspects he’s blind that was a gut wrencher….. We hope with 6 weeks high dose clindamycin some sight may return he’s already walking better & today he meowed for the first time! Robins miserable as we can’t mix him with us or the kitten hoard for another 2 weeks, so Heathers collected him today with a quick lesson in barrier nursing!
Purrrs go to Theresa who is sponsoring him


Today was a difficult vet day not often do we have to put two cats to sleep at the same time. The only comfort is knowing Jinny had 2 more years of love and comfort with Heather & both cats are now out of pain. A huge thank you to those who funded Jinny her special diet, meds and vets bills.

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Appeal for food funds

We continue to support our community & the stray cats with food many are beginning to starve if they survive the poisonings. Please if you can send early Xmas presents to feed our strays in December, we need €540 a month for their food alone.

Meanwhile we carry on doing what we do best nursing the sickest cats despite those who seek to stop us. Our world is trapping in the pouring rain when no one else can or will, the Dimos turn a blind eye. This poor boy sees our vet tomorrow I doubt he can be saved but tonight he is warm, dry, fed, comfortable for the first time in months.

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Fifi, Mimi, Harley & Marley

A heartfelt thanks to all those asking if were ok or needed help to fund the legal fees.We continue our charitable work for the stray cats of Apokoronas despite the shock of our home & garden being invaded with a police search warrant, the trauma of being arrested & charged by the police, vital equipment & medications confiscated and the €5000 fine levied by the Chania Veterinary Association and instigated by the local vet Georgios I. Mousourakis in Kalyves.

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Help Our Cretan Cats

Please Please everyone, everywhere adopt a kitten!

We have 6 perfectly normal, humanized and adorable Fluffie’s stuck here! We can part pay travel to UK or elsewhere in Europe if you cannot afford the full fees.

The Olive Tree

Vaccinated, passports, microchipped, treated for everything and some neutered if old enough!